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The Hotel Wetterstein in Seefeld is a the place for organizing your seminar or congress.


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General Terms and Conditions



1.1 These general terms and conditions are valid for all quotations, reservations, and contracts with regard to all accommodations and other facilities, which are leased by Hotel Wetterstein, located in the town of Seefeld, Austria.

1.2 Within these general terms and conditions, the term “leasee” shall mean: A person that closes a contract with Hotel Wetterstein with regard to the lease/use of an accommodation. The term “user” shall mean: The leasee and those persons as indicated by the leasee that (shall) use the accommodation and/or other facilities as leased by the leasee.

1.3 These general terms and conditions shall be valid without regard to its (previous) indication to eventual private terms or to other terms and conditions. Hotel Wetterstein declines all terms and conditions to which you indicate to or which are used by you.

1.4 Those agreements which differ from these general terms and conditions shall only be valid provided such are held in written form.



2.1 Hotel Wetterstein only processes reservations of persons that are 18 years old or older. Thus, reservations of younger persons possess no validity.

2.3 If Hotel Wetterstein processes your reservation, a written confirmation (and an invoice at the same time) shall be sent to you within 14 days of reservation.  You shall inspect such with regard to correctness directly upon receipt please.  Hotel Wetterstein is to be informed of any errors without delay.

2.4 If you have not received a written confirmation /invoice within 14 days of reservation, please contact the Reservation Department immediately.  If this is neglected, no claims exist with regards to the reservation.

2.5. A contract is closed between Hotel Wetterstein and you in the moment, in which Hotel Wetterstein has sent you the written confirmation, and invoice at the same time.

2.6. The contract comprises the lease of the accommodation and/or other facilities for leisure time use, which is of limited time duration in accordance with its type.



3.1 If you want to implement changes to the contract subsequent to its closing, Hotel Wetterstein is not obliged to accept such. It remains the free choice of Hotel Wetterstein if it accepts such changes and in what scope. In the case that Hotel Wetterstein accepts your changes, Hotel Wetterstein can invoice you the costs for the changes implemented.



4.1 It is not permitted to enable access to the leased accommodation to persons other than those designated within the contract by the sub-contractor, the leasee, and other users – without regard to the designation and without regard to the reason.

4.2 If you and Hotel Wetterstein have agreed that you and/or one or several users are to be substituted, you shall remain committed for the payment of the due part of the lease sum, for the costs of change (see article 3.1), as well as for eventual additional costs resulting from the substitute process and eventual costs for annulation, next to the leasee and/or users that you and/or others users substitute.



5.1 You are obliged to pay the agreed upon lease price to Hotel Wetterstein as mentioned within the written confirmation (at the same time, the invoice) of the reservation. If the costs of Hotel Wetterstein (for personnel, energy, tax, and similar items) provably and unexpectedly rise upon closure of the contract, Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right to increase the prices, and to invoice you the increased price. If this price increase is performed within 3 months upon closure of the contract, the price increase shall amount to maximum 5% of the price as agreed upon previously. Furthermore, you have the right to terminate (annul) the contract for this reason.

5.2 Price reductions and/or special offers cannot be used any more upon dispatch of the reservation confirmation by Hotel Wetterstein.



6.1 Next to the lease price, eventual taxes, such as value-added tax and contributions to other duties, shall be paid by you/by the leasee.



7.1 Lease prices up to € 250.00 and those amounts incremented by additional costs as invoiced must be paid by you at the time of reservation. If the lease price oversteps € 250.00, you must only pay a down payment of 30% at a minimum amount of € 250.00 – and sums increased by administrative costs and insurance premiums. Payments made to the above mentioned sums are to be performed within 14 days of the date of the reservation confirmation (at the same time, the invoice) as carried out by Hotel Wetterstein.

7.2 The remaining amount of the lease sum must be received by Hotel Wetterstein 8 weeks prior to the first day of stay in Hotel Wetterstein as indicated on the reservation confirmation.

7.3 In the case of a reservation within the 8 week period prior to the start of your stay, you must pay the full sum for reservation at the time of reservation. In the case of reservation by telephone, the sum must be received within 14 days of the date of the confirmation/invoice.

7.4 In the case of untimely payment of sums as invoiced to you, you shall become default for such upon maturity of the payment schedule.  In this case, Hotel Wetterstein shall grant you the written possibility to pay the due amount within 7 days subsequently.  If the payment again defaults, Hotel Wetterstein reserves the right to terminate (to annul) the contract upon maturity of the 7 days.  In this case, you are liable for all damages that Hotel Wetterstein sustains or will sustain due to this, whereby this refers to all costs incurred to Hotel Wetterstein in connection with your reservation and the contractual annulation.  In any case, Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right to invoice the annulation costs per accommodation. In this case, terms of article 13 shall apply.

7.5 Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right to offset all claims against you with the payments already made by you at all times.



8.1 The leased accommodation may be taken on the agreed day of arrival from 3 p.m. as indicated on the reservation confirmation. On the agreed day of departure, the accommodation must be vacated before 11 a.m. as indicated on the reservation confirmation.

8.2 If you want to extend the contract with Hotel Wetterstein longer than the agreed upon duration and Hotel Wetterstein is agreeable to this, Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right to assign you to another accommodation at any time.

8.3 If the use of the accommodation and/or other facilities is terminated prior to the date as agreed upon within the reservation confirmation, the leasee possesses no right to claim for reimbursement of the lease price (a part of the lease price) and/or costs.



9.1 All guests must comply with the rules as set forth by Hotel Wetterstein. Such are published in the information broshure. You shall receive this broshure upon arrival at Hotel Wetterstein.

9.2 Upon the according question, you are committed to identify yourself at the “Check-In” in accordance with the local regulations.   If the guests are not able to present identification, Hotel Wetterstein cannot or is not permitted to accommodate the guests.

9.3 Each accommodation may only be occupied by that number of persons, which is indicated for the according accommodation within the broshure/on the website.

9.4 Hotel Wetterstein reserves the right to carry out changes in the organization and in the opening times of hotel facilities. Within the framework of necessary maintenance, you shall permit that work is performed to the accommodation or to other facilities during your stay without the right for reimbursement.

9.5. The leasee must return the accommodation in a clean state (meaning: no dirty dishes left back, and kitchen and refrigerator emptied).

9.6 Upon breach of the rules outlined in the general terms and conditions, or of rules outlined in the information broshure, and/or in the case of non-compliance with instructions of hotel personnel, Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right to remove you, the leasee, and any other user immediately, without reimbursement of the lease sum or a part of thereof.



10.1 House pets are not permitted in the hotel and restaurant.



11.1 The leasee as mentioned within the reservation confirmation is responsible for orderly behavior in and around the leased accommodation and/or anywhere else in the hotel, if other users are affected by the leasee or his/her company.  This responsibility and liability does not rule out the responsibility and liability of the other users/guests.

11.2 Beyond this, the leasee is liable for damages for breakage and/or for loss and/or for damage to inventory and/or to the accommodation at all times. The liability of the other users shall remain untouched by this. Eventual damages must immediately be reported to Hotel Wetterstein by the leasee, and be remedied directly on-site, unless the leasee can prove that the cause of the damage is not of his/her cause, or the cause of other users or members of his/her company



12.1 Upon lending of a baby phone, of a hair dryer, or of play material during the stay, Hotel Wetterstein can demand a deposit amounting from € 25 to € 50 from you.  If this deposit is not immediately paid for, Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right to forbid the leasee and/or other users access to and the use of the lent products.

12.2 If you default on the deposit, Hotel Wetterstein furthermore possesses the right to terminate the contract (to annul) with immediate affect.

12.3 Upon payment of eventual claims on the part of Wetterstein to the leasee and/or users, the deposit or eventual remaining amounts thereof shall not be reimbursed if you do not return the lent product in an orderly fashion under consideration of the terms of article 9. Eventual claims for indemnification shall be invalid due to this refund.



13.1 If a reservation is annulled, then cancellation fees will be charged. For cancellation within 72 hours prior to arrival, these sums amount to the price of 3 nights of the total stay, and for cancellation on the day of arrival or later, these sums amount to the total costs/to the agreed upon lease price.

13.2 If you do not arrive within 24 hours of the agreed upon date without indicating reasons for this, such shall be deemed as cancellation. 



14.1 The possibility exists to perform a reservation for a time period in which tariffs have not yet been published. The leasee must make a down payment of € 50 in advance. This down payment can be used to offset the definitive sum. If the provisional reservation is not transformed into a definitive reservation, the down payment shall be refunded.



15.1 If Hotel Wetterstein is not capable (for limited time) to fulfill the contract, in part or in full, due to force majeure, this incapability shall lead to a change proposal (for another accommodation/for another time period etc.) in order to fulfill the contract.

15.2 Force majeure on the part of Hotel Wetterstein exists if the fulfillment of the contract, in part or in full, is prevented for a time due to circumstances that lay outside of the will of Hotel Wetterstein. This includes threat of war, personnel strikes, lockout, fire, flooding, and other malfunctions or incidences.

15.3 You shall possess the right to turn down change proposals. If you intend to turn down a change proposal, you must express such within 14 days upon receipt of the change proposal. In this case, Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right for the writ and/or return of the (already paid proportion of the) lease price. In this case, Hotel Wetterstein is not liable for damage compensation.



16.1 Hotel Wetterstein possesses the right to annul the contract with immediate affect at all times if indicated personal information of yours and/or of other users is incomplete an/or false at the time of reservation. In such a case, no refund of the lease price or a part of thereof is performed.



17.1 Hotel Wetterstein shall not accept any liability for theft (including theft from safes located in rooms), loss or damages from and to objects or persons, for any type whatsoever, during and due to the stay at the hotel and/or the lease/the use of accommodation, unless gross negligence on the part of Hotel Wetterstein or (one) of its staff members is put forward.

17.2 Liability for damages due to loss of vacation pleasure, or operational and other consequential damages, shall be ruled out under all circumstances. Furthermore, Hotel Wetterstein shall not be liable for damages, in any case whatsoever, for which a claim exists for indemnification due to travel and/or withdrawal insurance, or any other insurance.

17.3 Hotel Wetterstein shall not be liable for the disruption of service performances, or due to deficiencies in services as performed by third parties.

17.4 In any case, liability resulting from an illegal act is limited to a maximum of € 75,000.00 for personal accidents per guest and per accommodation, and in any case, liability for material damages is limited to a maximum of € 1,500.00 per leasee/user and per accommodation.

17.5 You shall be held liable, together with the user, for any loss and/or damage to the leased accommodation and/or towards other property owners of Hotel Wetterstein, which result during the use by you and/or other users, without regard if such is a result of actions or neglect on your part and/or of third parties, which are present in the Hotel with your permission.

17.6 You shall protect Hotel Wetterstein against any indemnifications claimed by third parties, which are the result of any actions or neglects on your part, on the part of other users, of your travel partners or of third parties, which are present in the Hotel with your permission.

17.7 Additional costs shall be invoiced in the case of improper use and leaving the accommodation in incorrect order, including – yet not limited to – an excessively dirty accommodation, which you shall then pay without delay.



18.1 In spite of the care and effort of Hotel Wetterstein, you may be of the opinion that you possess a legal complaint with regard to your vacation stay. At first, you should report this complaint on-site and directly to the management of the Hotel. If the complaint is not treated to your satisfaction, you shall present the complaint in written form at the latest within 1 month of departure from the Hotel to:  Hotel Wetterstein Operations GmbH Customer Service. The complaint is then processed with the utmost of care. If this also does not lead to a satisfactory solution, you have the opportunity to file the complaint to the legally relevant judge at the latest within 3 months of departure from the Hotel. The decision of this commission has the power of committable proposal.



19.1 Austrian law is applicable for the contract between you and Hotel Wetterstein.



20.1 You yourself are responsible for producing valid travel documents, which are necessary for your intentions. Hotel Wetterstein shall not accept any liability for consequences resulting from the lack of correct travel documents.



21.1 Apparent print and setting errors do not constitute commitments for Hotel Wetterstein Operations GmbH. All previous publications lose their validity with these general terms and conditions.


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