DPA Partnership

DPA believes that taking a job in a clinic in a different country should become as easy as changing clinics within a country. We realise that continuing your life in another country encompasses so much more than finding the right vacancy. You need to feel at home in every aspect of life and we are here to help you realise this!

One of the most important parts of working as a dentist in the Netherlands is, of course, the language. While much of the population speaks English, nearly every clinic exclusively uses Dutch when treating its patients. Since January 2017, it is required by Dutch law to pass a language test before being able to register as a medical professional.

At our Hotel – DPA Partnership

By the time the students arrive in our hotel, they already know the basics of Dutch. The teachers in Seefeld can then help the students reach A2, B1 and B2 levels.

DPA Partnership – We are very proud to host the future dentists of the Netherlands in our hotel and to facilitate their Training program.

Looking forward to the new students!


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